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Thread: Kernel customisation

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    Kernel customisation

    Back in the olden days, when I was a boy, we used to download slakware source into 6 or 10 floppies to compile our own kernels. Later on when a pre-compiled kernel was available we used to use something like make-config to customise the kernel to exclude unused h/w and add vga cards, sound, etc.
    As today's distros come pre-compiled and ready to run is there any mileage in customising the kernel? I'm guessing processors are so fast and memory so abundant it's not worth the hassle any more?

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    Re: Kernel customisation

    I used to do the same as you did, jsut for fun and to learn new Kernel features.

    I guess you can still do that (i don't have the time now to read hundreds of features...) by doing the same process manually. Download the kernel source from the site, unpack it, make menu-config, etc.

    what I'm not sure about is the amount of modules that currently come in ubuntu that depend on kernel modules (and which). I guess i'm just lazy to find out

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