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Thread: ISO possible?

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    ISO possible?

    Question: Is it possible to get an iso of someone's working Web Server? I have installed Ubuntu 10.04 Server. Hoping to host 3 sites with it. I am trying to set this up:

    1 site - - want it to be a WordPress installation.
    2 site - - Want its content to be ftp uploaded by way of Dreamweaver.
    3. site - - a Mailman mail server site.

    Also want to install some kind of control panel like Webmin. I have proftpd but can't figure out how to get it to run either. As you see I need a lot of help or advice. Anyone in the Joliet, IL, Wilmington, IL ; Kankakee, IL or even Morris, IL that would be willing to give me some pointers. Any suggestion on sites or books that deal with setting this up? I know I should have took some Linux classes, that might be a possibility in the future.

    What I was wondering does anyone have a Web Server up and running close to that configuration? I would even take an iso of one that has virtual hosting running. Could someone burn me an iso and then give me instructions on what to change to get it to work for my particular application?

    Respectfully Yours,

    Mike Hughes

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    Re: ISO possible?

    This guide might help?

    This may also help..

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