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Thread: deleting/nuking all your facebook wall posts with firefox+imacros

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    Post deleting/nuking all your facebook wall posts with firefox+imacros

    There's currently no feature to delete your own Facebook Wall posts except deleting/suspending your Facebook account. The only way to erase your wall posts is to MANUALLY delete post by post.

    But if you're using Firefox web browser go and install Imacros for Firefox. Then:
    1. open your Facebook Wall page
    2. click on your Imacros icon on the Firefox toolbar
    3. in the IMacros sidebar choose "Rec" tab, and press the "Record" button
    4. on the Facebook page delete your first wall post, then the second and third
    5. click on the "Stop" button (in the IMacros sidebar).

    You've created a IMacros script that is deleting three wall posts. You can edit this script by choosing "Edit" tab in the IMacros sidebar, or you can try it out by choosing "Play" tab and clicking on the "Play" button.

    You can also repeat this macro many times by entering "Max" number and then clicking on the "Play (Loop)" button in the IMacros sidebar.

    You can see my IMacros script here. This script is used on the English interface of the Facebook; first it shows older posts on the Wall, then deletes 10 Wall posts.
    So if you have 1000 posts on your wall you loop this macro 100 times and the wall is empty... Hope you find this useful!
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