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Thread: 10.04, Cairo dock (no openGL version), Wine - menu bug?

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    Wink 10.04, Cairo dock (no openGL version), Wine - menu bug?

    I have Cairo dock installed, and I have the gmenu applet installed (gives the Ubuntu main menu - Applications/Places/System). I installed Wine earlier this evening, and have run into a strange thing. It doesn't happen *every* time, but *most* of the time:

    I click on the gmenu applet on the dock, go to the Wine entry, and before I even do anything more *most* of the time it is opening the Ubuntu Software Center as well (I haven't even clicked anything yet!).

    Anyone know what might be causing this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: 10.04, Cairo dock (no openGL version), Wine - menu bug?

    it happened to me too, only few times, and now it seems to have gone.
    don't know why though, maybe you could try the weekly build :
    (the warning is a bit scary but well, it's usually quite stable ^^)
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