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Thread: [SOLVED] IM Windows + Icon Task Mgr = Red Arrow... Not Blue??

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    [SOLVED] IM Windows + Icon Task Mgr = Red Arrow... Not Blue??

    I notice with my received IMs that need attention they're coming up with a red triangle, which is dark and harder to see than the blue triangle I had before. I have no idea what I did that changed the color, but I can't seem to figure it out. I tried different clients as well as color schemes... everything is red. I have no idea where this setting would be.... Any insight?

    EDIT - Ya know, I thought I checked this last night, but I guess not. I just changed my "desktop theme" on my desktop computer and it was red. I was taken back for a second and changed the theme. Sure enough, it changed to blue under the other theme. I guess my exhausted state of mind when I posted this didn't help... as I THOUGHT I checked it, but I guess not. But hey, marked as solved in case someone else runs into this.
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