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Thread: NTFS or EXT4

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    NTFS or EXT4

    I have a 1.5TB storage drive which I use equally between windows and Linux. I just got it and was wondering what a better format would be, NTFS or EXT4 (or even BTRFS)

    I think since i use windows and linux equally it basically comes down to who has better drivers for the opposing format.

    Is linux better with NTFS than Windows with EXT4? or visa versa?

    Note: This isnt which format is better, just which is better at being read by its non-native system.

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    Re: NTFS or EXT4

    Windows has no drivers for EXT4 that I know of. There is a third-party driver available for ext2 (called ext2 IFS - google it if you're interested), which may or may not be able to read or write to ext4. Ubuntu, on the other hand, has great support for reading and writing NTFS.


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