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Thread: A warning?

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    A warning?

    Here is the post in question-

    My comment was not directed at any one particular member of these forums. I just meant to emphasize the humour of issuing the millionth member here a "free" copy of the latest OS. If the author of my quoted post flagged me, I do apologize to that specific member for the misunderstanding, and I assure the high court my comment was NOT directed at anyone in particular.


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    Re: A warning?

    Thank you for your response, I am sorry we have not gotten back to you sooner.

    In the interest of community cohesiveness I am going to reverse the warning as I believe you have no ill intent.

    Please keep in mind that just because something is a "joke" does not mean it is appropriate.

    For example, "jokes" about race/ sex/ and other 404 topics does not make them correct or appropriate and the term "noob" can be offensive, even if your intent is to "joke".
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