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Thread: Change the Main Menu

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    Lightbulb Change the Main Menu

    I would like to consult on how to change the look of ubuntu
    I'm doing a custom version of this and I like to modify the main menu.
    I thought that changing attributes Alacarte way I work, but it was not.
    I feel that the Live CD version written somewhere on the changes made by me.
    for the time and I managed to identify where to make cosmetic changes, but I can not find where it makes the main menu also has these changes.

    very grateful for any response.

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    Re: Change the Main Menu

    global: /etc/xdg/menus/

    in 8.04 it was ~/.config/menus/ for individual users, but there doesn't seem to be one on my 10.04 machine, maybe it got moved or maybe I just didn't make any changes to the menu...
    also look here: ~/.local/share/applications
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