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Thread: Aspire one, UNE 10.04 wireless disconnects

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    Aspire one, UNE 10.04 wireless disconnects

    Hi, I've searched a lot on google and this forum and so far I've no explanation for the weird behaviour of my wireless.
    I have an aspire one netbook (a150x) I've installed ubuntu une 10.04 (I was using winxp before) My driver is ath5k and the wireless device is atheros 5001, and I've tried both networkmanager and wicd and both managers disconnects.
    (WICD doesn't work well with my wireless, It refuses my wpa code)

    There is 2 behaviours:
    1st behaviour; my connections works fine until there is no connection to my router. But the networkmanager icon still tells me i'm connected. When I disconnects and reconnects it works again. (It's just annoying have to do that 4 times a day)
    2nd behaviour; networkmanager tells me my wireless is disconnected. In the terminal lshw, it tells me my devise is disabled. I don't know how to re-enable it. When I restart a few times it usually comes back for no apparent reasons or change. (I've noticed that it usually happens when I plug a wired connection or disconnect the wireless)
    (I know that when I hit the wireless switch, it turns it inactive, but sometimes the switch doesn't work at all)

    I had this netbook for almost 2 years and the wireless never did those behaviours with XP. And I can't seem to find a reason.
    Btw my eth0 connections never fails, with both managers.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Aspire one, UNE 10.04 wireless disconnects


    I just installed UNR 10.04 on an AAO 110-Ab and I'm also having issues with wireless.
    It connects fine, but after a few minutes (if I leave it idle) it just disconnects. And it won't connect until I shutdown and turn on the netbook. A reboot will not work, after a reboot it shows the wireless card as disabled.
    I'll keep googling, I hope someone jumps in with advice.

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