it would appear that at least one member of the staff needs a course in remedial reading comprehension. A question does not necessarily constitute
an issue. However improperly handled a question can become a rift that grows to a gulf that grows to a fault line. Soon the community that supports the thing in question is gone. In this case it will engender the
return to the perception of Linux that is held by the Majority. It is
a niche operating system only used by elitist geeks.

There was a time on this forum when I looked forward to the input of the forum staff. It was always informative and helpful. The staff were people
with experience and often made suggestions that were simple and often overlooked. KISS.

Now it has become a situation where 50% of at least some staff members posts are to close discussions.

I have moderated several boards more contentious than this one. Dealing with subjects far more controversial and heated. If this situation continues, if every time a staff person gets her panties in a bunch, PMS's, dont get laid, when he gets blue balls, his other has a headache,
or what ever the ailment is. threads get closed discussions ended, soon there will be no community.

An example, when I first started using Ubuntu back at 6.04 I could post a question and get an answer within minutes at times. I have had a question posted about manually configuring a certain video card since 8.10. with no answer. It would seem that this Magick spell is reserved for the elite. And people wonder why there is such an adversion to CLI.

I had several sites bookmarked that had often used commands listed. They are all gone.

I for see in the near future the only answer that will be available on this site is RTFM

the only outcome of this communication i see is is a sanction against myself possibly a banning. That is ok I have been thrown out of better places for less and worse places for more.

Good Day