I have a ThinkPad R31 and I have XP installed on it alongside Ubuntu. Originally I had Ubuntu 10.10 on it - but I couldn't get it to run off battery properly.

If I boot it from battery once Ubuntu loads the machine will lock up and the scroll lock and caps lock light will flash. If I run it from the AC adapter and then remove the AC adapter once loaded it will do the same thing.

I wiped 10.10 and installed 9.10. And it doesnt do it. It will both boot of battery and if on AC adapter it will quite happily run off battery if I pull out the adapter.

I would like to be able to run 10.10. I think it might be a problem with ACPI. There must be something changed in 10.10 - and possibly 10.04 although I am not sure.

The ThinkPad R31 is particularly odd for Power Management. I would really like to resolve this problem so I can run 10.10 and possibly the new release in April.



Spec: ThinkPad R31 1.13Ghz Celeron with 1GB RAM and 60GB hard drive, running XP and currently 9.10.