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Thread: Virtual Box - How can i change display of 16bit to 32bit?

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    Re: Virtual Box - How can i change display of 16bit to 32bit?

    I'm having this same problem, but I think with the opposite configuration.

    I'm running VirtualBox from an Ubuntu Host (installed in a Macbook 2.1) and I'm running Windows XP guest with Guest Additions installed (and I installed it from "Safe mode" as suggested in other forums).

    I also have 3D acceleration enabled according to the Settings, but I'm still getting this error message about my system not having 32 bit color depth but only 16...

    I'm not sure how I can verify which color dept I'm using, specially now that Unbuntu Lucid Lynx doesn't make use of the xorg.conf file

    Any idea anyone?

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    Virtual Box - How can i ignore the error message about 16bit vs 32bit?

    It looks like much of the problem is related to people not wanting to see the message. It interferes with automation and makes people think there is an underlying problem to be solved.

    I suggest just running a command to automatically never show such messages because it doesn't seem to affect performance for me at all.

    From this post -> it looks like you can make the warnings go away by settings some extra data params on the command line.

    VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/SuppressMessages remindAboutAutoCapture,\
    confirmInputCapture,remindAboutMouseIntegrationOn, remindAboutWrongColorDepth,\
    confirmGoingFullscreen,remindAboutMouseIntegration Off

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    Re: Virtual Box - How can i change display of 16bit to 32bit?

    Closed, necromancy.

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