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Thread: Playing tta (true audio) in linux/ubuntu

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    Playing tta (true audio) in linux/ubuntu

    In case you were wondering

    ♥ you can play tta in both xmms and qmmp (both supporting cuefile)
    ♥ also in xmms2 and aqualung (natively but no cuefile)

    1 for xmms you need a plugin
    it is found here both plugins also attached

    to install ttaenc no configure just make and sudo make install


    TTA plug-in version 1.2 for XMMS (Linux x86)
    TTA plug-in version 1.2 for XMMS (Source Code)

    extract the file named and put into your home/.xmms/plugin folder

    2 for qmmp go into settings/plugins/click on FFmpeg Plugin/click on preferences/tick true audio

    it is really well hidden i had to write to the designer to find it

    the true audio main site is here

    i found installing tta on linux a bit tricky at first but simple with those instructions

    i also wrote to the guy who maintains true audio

    he gave me this source file link

    the folder's name is ttaenc-3.4.1-src

    no need for
    but instead

    $ su -
    # cd /(your work dir)/ttaenc-3.4.1-src
    # make; make install
    well on ubuntu it worked with

    $ cd ./ttaenc-3.4.1-src
    $ make 
    $ make install
    then run ttaenc in terminal and there you have it

    ps the manual is in the read file in the ttaenc-3.4.1-src folder ( no man ttaenc in the terminal)

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