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Thread: Ubuntu 11.04 browser graphics gone when browse to attachements

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    Ubuntu 11.04 64bit has issues


    Fresh install of 11.04 64bit on dual 3800 AMD 64 processor.

    GS8400 PCI nvidia

    • Any webmail,or webpage that has features to attach a file, or browse and upload etc
    • Does not work properly.
    • The screens that come up to select your files are non functional.
    • The screens only show black text on white backrounds and have no borders,buttons,colors,or images.
    • (Save as) feature works such as firefox browse to file etc. Gnome looks normal.
    • I don't know if it's plugin related or not but I installed the sun java and removed icetea. NO EFFECT.

    Even in this forum if I want to attach a file same thing occurs.

    I uploaded 2 screenshot of this.
    1 shot of trying to attach/browse to a file in 10.10 on my other machine.
    1 shot of same thing with 11.11

    Again this is not just yahoo but all sites that want you to browse to files, ebay,facebook etc etc.

    See the image attached for 11.04 and notice if you look close you can see that one selected file is slightly highlighted, but it's not functional there is no navigation and also no other highlighting of selected files.
    Screens are none functional.

    Can anyone else please test this on yahoo,gmail or any other webmail or web feature that asks to browse to any location on your computer for a file.

    Please advise
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