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Thread: Request for clarification

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    Request for clarification

    Though some forum admins do their best to stop any discussion on the subject of "promoting illegal activities", there are still a lot of unanswered question.

    I know that this thread will probably closed immediately but I still think it's worth trying to ask again for a clarification of this policy and to hope that sanity will prevail and I'll get an answer this time.

    1. Do the admins acknowledge, that there is a fine line between free speech and inciting to commit a crime in many cases and if so, could they point out where they draw this line exactly and how their decision is informed by US laws?

    2. Could they explain how linking to instruction to install the codecs they presume to be illegal, or tell people to simply install w32codecs to get things working in a support thread can be considered not promoting illegal activities by their standards, while simply stating that someone uses them does?

    3. Could they explain how giving an opinion about a legal matter, though the opinion may be uninformed, can constitute a banable offense?

    4. Could they further explain how stating that something should not be illegal can be considered to not fall under free speech rights under US laws?

    Looking forward to your answers.

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    Re: Request for clarification

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