Hoping to get some help with the Back In Time program. I created several snapshots, one of them hung-up part way through the process Now every time I open the program, I am not able to create a back-up because it says it's in the middle of one (bottom toolbar says working: Take snapshot (rsync/home/simons/music/Alternative/Incubus - Drive.mp3), and the snapshot button is grayed out. It stays like this for hours. I tried reinstalling back in time, including removal and reinstallation of rsync, but when I open the program, it still says this. It seems to be caching my options somewhere, because it even saves my preferences after uninstallation and reinstallation of the program. Does anyone know how to kill this? I've even tried renaming the file it's hung up on and deleting all previous snapshot files so that the destination source folder is empty. I set everything up to copy to the following destination: /media/Simons' Seagate, and it creates a folder on my removable media called backintime. Any help is greatly appreciated!