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Thread: large NFS copy locks up/hang client with large files (again) (lucid)

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    Re: large NFS copy locks up/hang client with large files (again) (lucid)

    I also get great read speeds from NFS shares (on my nas, check my first post).
    Local file copy is fine though.

    I setup a CIFS share on the nas and proceeded to copy a 1.2 gig file over CIFS and NFS (to different folders, though they reside in the same ZFS pool).
    The NFS transfer completed but would lock up for a bit then burst write.
    The CIFS transfer went fine. It did not lock up, the percentage bar steadily moved forward, and for the first time, I feel like I had an accurate write speed displayed through nautilus.
    The server showed 30% memory usage and 30% load average (dual core proc) during both transfers.
    I've attached another network graph. The CIFS transfer is first and looks much less erratic than the NFS transfer.

    I am fairly sure this problem occurred in 9.10 with less frequency. I transferred a terabyte or two to the nas in only a few separate transfers under 9.10. I feel like it would have taken many more transfers under 10.04.
    I have tried messing with mtu as well as rsize and wsize. Doesn't help.
    The only other export options I can think to change are sync and async, but I have not been able to test this as FreeNAS does not seem to allow this change.
    This is all I have for now.
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