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Thread: Toshiba built-in 3g Modem (F3507g)

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    Wink Toshiba built-in 3g Modem (F3507g)

    Hey guys,

    I've been going crazy for 2 years now trying with various types of ubuntu to be able to connect with my 3g modem on my Toshiba Tecra, I have a F3507g Ericcsson broadband modem.

    The Network-Manager always seemed to find it, but whenever I configured an APN with the correct settings, It'll always return with GSM Network Disconnected message.

    Apparently the 3g modem Radio is by default set to OFF.

    What I did is write in terminal:

    sudo toshset -3g on
    and vuwala It worked like a charm!!!!

    I bet this works around all toshiba laptops, though didnt really tested it!

    Hope this helped!
    Good Luck,

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