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Thread: The T&E sub-forum.

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    The T&E sub-forum.

    Are you guys changing the rules on that sub-forum? It seems that almost every thread in that sub-forum was closed. I agree that a few of them were off track, but some of them had decent conversations going within them, that may possibly keep the not so happy OPs trying ubuntu.

    If the threads aren't going to allow two way conversations, then the reply button should be removed all together or the the power given to the OP to close if he/she doesn't want philosophical direction as to why their problem may exist.

    Maybe if the conversation is going in a decent manner, then the thread can be moved to the cafe or recurring discussions, respectively if and when it is decided that the thread is inappropriate for the T&E section.

    I understand the fact that some of those threads turn into a help thread and need to be closed with the OP being given direction to start a help thread in the proper place.

    BTW, I am in no way upset that the threads were closed.
    I am actually happy to see the involvement of Ms_Angel_D and hope she keeps doing the hard job of keeping that sub-forum straight until official rules can be implemented.

    Cheers & Beers,

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    Re: The T&E sub-forum.

    This is currently under staff discussion
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