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Thread: Lucid vs Serp 5 ...

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    Lucid vs Serp 5 ...

    Lucid installed on Serval Pro 5 and everything seems to be generally working very well...

    Do I need to install the system 76 drivers? Is there anything It takes care of that I'm not aware of?

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    Re: Lucid vs Serp 5 ...

    I'll have to look, but I think there may be some hot key fixes in there.

    But I'd install it anyway. If there is an Ubuntu regression, that's how we'll fix it.
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    Re: Lucid vs Serp 5 ...

    Kool! I gotta say things are running very well in Kubuntu on the serp 5.

    The only thing not picking up is proper recognition of the ac adapter being plugged in. It will say charging but it will run in powersaver mode because it thinks its unplugged.


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