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Thread: Cannot boot to 10.04 after install.

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    Cannot boot to 10.04 after install.

    I have a laptop with Windows XP cleanly installed. I ran the installer for Ubuntu 10.04 from the disk, made a second partition and successfully installed Ubuntu, except the "boot loader installation failed."

    Naturally I can't boot to anything but Windows still. I'd like to boot to Ubuntu from the boot loader but I'm not sure what I'm doing. Do I modify the existing loader or install Grub2? I went looking for tutorials and they're filled with terminal stuff that I don't even know how to access from Windows.


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    Re: Cannot boot to 10.04 after install.

    please boot off the cd & run this script:

    post results here by pasting the text in between code tags -- i.e. click on the # sign in the reply box and paste in between the brakets ] [


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