The forum limit for images in a post is ridiculous. I have just lost a week of preparing a big post for the tutorials and tips section. I am certain this post would have been useful for many. It might even have been stickied in that sub-forum. The images are not hosted on the Ubuntuforums server and I do not see how this could be a problem for the server.Even if you want to limit images, I would highly appreciate the limit being higher in the tutorials and tips section.

The awesomeness of my thread, in my opinion cannot be judged by its title only. The images are essential for my thread to be valid. For this reason, I refuse to answer any questions about what my thread is about.

I hope that the tutorials and tips section's limitations are altered soon. When and if this occurs, I shall post my thread which I believe will benefit many. It is not my intension to let my article remain on my hard-drive doing nothing, but circumstances imply that this is currently the case. I shall wait as long as needed, with my articled ready for when it is possible to post it.