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Thread: How to connect Hard disk ?

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    How to connect Hard disk ?

    Good evening
    I'm working on Ubuntu 10.4 64bit
    I want to connect hard disk (IDE-SATA) on your computer and Hua works, how to feel by the system from without reboot ?

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    Re: How to connect Hard disk ?

    I don't really understand your message, but as far as I know, you cannot connect a IDE hard disk without first shutting down the system and then rebooting.
    The BIOS, usually accessed by hitting the Delete key early on in the boot process, should tell you if the hard disk is seen by the system, and will give you the option to decide which hard disk or peripheral is used for the booting process.
    Once Lucid is working, all hard disks should be seen.
    You may want to check the /media folder and the /mnt folder to see the connections



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