I'm fairly new to Ubuntu. I just installed the new 10.04 ubuntu onto my eeepc 1000h. the install disc or boot usb would recognise the touch screen with nothing done to it. only trouble is if you touch the screen anywhere, it'll put the cursor into the top left hand corner and act as a click. I wasn't too concerned infact i was rather excited cause it seemed like touch was enabled out of the box. but when I installed it, there was no response like there was on the disc boot.

so I tried to follow some guides online using the eGalaxTouch drivers and i would get as far as calibrating the second point on the 4 point calibration. it recognised those two touches (after quite some time of holding) but the last two it just timed out. so its recognising that there is a touch screen, it just isn't responsive and is extremely inaccurate.

would appreaciate suggestions or tips.