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Thread: Issues with new panp7

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    Issues with new panp7

    Hey guys, I looked and didn't see anybody else having these things, but here are a couple of things I noticed and would like some help with:

    I just upgraded to 10.04, but several of these problems were there before

    1) the fingerprint reader is still broken - I know there is a fix for it in the works - still looking for a timetable.
    2) suspend has gotten stuck and needed to be rebooted. 2 out of 10-11 times suspending. No change since 10.04 upgrade
    3)hibernate seems broken. I return from it and the display is segmented into a series of pulsating lines each about a centimeter thick and spaced about 5 cm apart. A reboot is required. 2 out of 3 times trying to hibernate. no change since 10.04 upgrade
    4)Since the upgrade to 10.04 - HDMI sound is gone. I looked and someone else said a fix in the alsamixer helped, but my alsamixer shows no controls on the HDMI section. Picture is great and so is the analog sound. HDMI sound was working pre-10.04.
    5) sometimes when I am using the touchpad the cursor starts flying all over the screen. I have to let it go find where it went then guide it back after a slight(1 sec) pause. If I don't wait the jumoing continues. This is starting to grate on the nerves a bit

    I upgraded today via the torrent-based alternate cd method. I then upgraded system76 drivers after an upgrade to the system.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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