Hi all,

I've just installed 10.04 as a dual boot with Windows 7. I did a clean install removing my old 9.10 install.

I really like all the changes I've seen so far and everything seems to work smoothly except when the HD is being used a lot everything freezes and then un-freezes again and again until the file operation has stopped.

The problem really only comes up with heavy operations like moving large files (I moved a 10gb vdi from my Windows partition to Ubuntu) and when backintime does it's daily backup. Sometimes I can continue using it then it'll freeze I wait.. can use it again for a bit then it will freeze again.

Any ideas on this? I've never had problems with transferring large files on the Windows 7 install so I don't think there's a hardware problem. I can't seem to find anything I've been searching for two days now. I did find something about a problem with backintime/ext4 partitions but the solution hasn't helped.

I would really appreciate any help as I prefer working on Ubuntu but it's a bit difficult at the moment..