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Thread: Kernel RT on lucid lynx

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    Kernel RT on lucid lynx

    Both in 32 and 64 bit I cannot boot kernel-rt.
    Message displayed: mounting none on /dev failed: no such device
    Then get login message in text console, gdm cannot start.

    Any suggestion? Thanks a lot
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    Re: Kernel RT on lucid lynx

    I answer myself..... It was a graphic card problem... With new open nvidia drivers, you must load the correct driver for each kernel you're going to boot.
    So I've installe heders and source for 2.6.31 and then I booted the terminal mode of kernel 2.6.31-rt and run the nvidia driver downloaded from, e.g.
    # sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-195.36.24-pkg2


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