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    I guess this is sort of more like a bug report but I'm not quite sure if I should file one so I'm posting on the forums instead.

    Anyways, I just wanted to say that the tinyfugue reps are a bit out of date. If you "sudo apt-get install tf", it installs version 4.0 by default which is really old. To install version 5.0, you have to "sudo apt-get install tf5". Perhaps we could change it so that the default tf package automatically installs tf5?

    Again, I'm not really sure if I should be filing a bug report for this.

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    Re: TinyFugue

    I would guess the reasoning for this is that the 5.0 client is a beta and beta-state packages don't usually replace stable release packages. There are, of course, dozens of exceptions to this but most people prefer a stable release with (where applicable) the option for a beta version under a different package name.

    If you want to get it replaced, go upstream and kick somebody hard and get them to push out a new stable release. It's been at 5.0b8 for well over three years with little response to bug reports so I can only assume the project maintainer has lost interest.


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