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Thread: newbie - upgrade to Lucid failed midway now I have probs

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    newbie - upgrade to Lucid failed midway now I have probs

    While I am a ubuntu newbie, I consider myself comfortable with computers in general. But, with ubuntu, I think I need some hand holding. please?

    I am using an asus eee and had previously installed the netbook version.

    I ran all the updates today for the previous version then ran the upgrade to lucid. It said it would take a while so I walked away. I came back to a black screen with no response (netbook was plugged in during install). I hit a few buttons, again no response. I reboot, thinking maybe it got hung up.

    Now I can't do anything. First I kept getting an error indicating the startup file couldn't be found. So I tried to use the netbook remix USB files, but it wouldn't recognize the usb.

    So I changed the settings for the system to go first to the usb. But then it couldn't find any system. *(duh!) to run off of.

    I have searched for help but can't seem to find something either dumbed down enough for me to understand or with the problems I am having.

    I just rebooted my netbook to write down the error messages I am getting and the grub loads okay. Then I get a usb:id307: unable to access message.

    And now, finally I get the chance to login with my login and password (which I had not gotten previously).

    So I log in and it tells me welcome to ubuntu! but I have no clue what to do from here!

    Can someone hold my hand through this? (oh yeah, one more thing - as brilliant as I am, I did not back up my hard drive)

    Also - I only run ubuntu, no partitions.

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    Re: newbie - upgrade to Lucid failed midway now I have probs

    Well now that you are back into your system, backup whatever you need and run the command
    update-manager -d
    in a terminal, or you can go to System > Administration > Update Manager, then check for updates and follow the instructions after it asks if you want to upgrade.

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    Re: newbie - upgrade to Lucid failed midway now I have probs

    Thanks Cynical for the response.

    So how do I get back into my system? It gives me alice@alice-laptop:~$

    from there I can type various commands, right?

    I tried typing in update-manager -d and it gave me the following:

    GtkWarnin: could not open display warnings.warn(str(e), _gtk.Warning)

    Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/update-manager", line 41, in <module>gtk.init_check()

    RuntimError: could not open display

    Then gives me the initial alice-laptop thing again.

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