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Thread: For dialup: best Ubuntu version+modem?

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    Re: For dialup: best Ubuntu version+modem?

    Good info in this thread!
    thanks for posting it tyler.

    I also had dial-up still until about 4 months ago. lol
    and i tried to get my internal 'winmodem' working in ubuntu for a week straight.

    I know a little more about external modems now...
    but at the time... my same reason for still using dial-up~ was preventing me from buying an external modem to try.
    other saps lack financial resources
    yep, that was it. lol

    My decision had already been made to keep Ubuntu and use nothing else...
    so I was determined to find the easiest [and cheapest] solution to get me online with Ubuntu, no matter what i had to do. (I was NOT going back to windows) no matter what.

    eventually I came across a "special deal" by my ISP (was on netzero dial-up)
    but the deal was that I would get DSL for 6 months, for $10 a month~
    and after 6 months, I would have to pay about 19-20 $ a month.

    well, I has just quit smoking [hack] cigarettes,
    and as 'poor' and [financially challenged] as I am...
    I figured that the old ciggy money could go towards a better connection
    (simply so I could use Ubuntu) lol

    Dial-up was starting to get on my nerves ...
    but if I had gotten my winmodem working...
    I would probably still be using the dial-up.

    Many people are 'spoiled' with their connection speeds today....
    and as soon as they hear of someone ["in america"]..
    still using dial-up..
    they get on a' high horse' and think [how funny, and how weird] that is that some people still have to use dialup.

    as it the dial-up users dont feel bad enough already about still having to use it...
    (those 'spoiled' people are half the reason for us feeling bad about it i think)
    but they just go and make it worse with their ignorant, childish comments about "living in a cave" or "It seems so weird people still trying to use dialup"
    and [ "Im astonished"]

    really? astonished? thats what it takes to astonish you?

    This thread may come in handy in the future,
    for me, and many other "poor saps". lol

    thanks <3
    and good luck
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    Re: For dialup: best Ubuntu version+modem?

    Hi to all above!

    (edit: 2nd approach to be 'in topic')

    a. It is easier to use an external dial-up modem
    b. Ubuntu 8.04 LTS has all dial-up options pre-installed (gnome-ppp, wvdial, pppconfig)
    c. 10.04 released with wvdial into LiveCD but is not installed by default!

    Although 8.04 includes by default the support, nobody can resist to the new 10.04 LTS, so get your modem (external preferred) try it and come back here for support!

    In case an offline installation of wvdial is needed, read:

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