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Thread: After install 10.04 high load en slow login

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    After install 10.04 high load en slow login

    So I just reinstalled Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and now I'm facing some troubles,

    1st of al, it takes a very long time after to login for my desktop to load ( about 15 - 20 sec ). A college of mine said it may be related to some HD drives being mounted ( i have 2 disk and multiple partitions of ext4 and ntfs )

    2nd My average load is way higher then on 9.10, i justed to idle along 0.2 - 1.5 at max maiby when run virtual box with xp and a lot of open windows. But now even when my pc is doing nothing ( cpu load of 5 - 10 % ) it stays above 0.2 and it frequently jumpes to 1.5 -2.5.

    3rd, and this is somthing i have an issue with a long time, when I minimize windows to the taskbar and maximizes them again it takes about 0.5 - 2 seconds before there on the screen again. I dont quite get that because If I run Ubunut in a virtual box on the same machine it maximizes windows faster then the host system :S

    So i really would appreciate it if someone could help me

    Some machine specs,

    Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit
    Athlon X2 5200+ @3.0Ghz
    4gig ddr2 RAM @900mhz
    Asus 4870 512MB Stock


    1 WD 500 gig @7200rpm sata2
    --- 4 partitions
    1 windows boot 100mb NTFS
    1 windows os 7 370gb NTFS
    1 linux 10.04 100gig EXT4
    1 swap 4gig EXT4

    1 Samsung eco green 1.5 TB @5400
    --- 1 partition
    1 Data 1.5 TB NTFS

    Video card was installed with auto driver search from ubuntu

    I'd appreciate any help, just ask me which logs you need,

    EDIT: there is a 4th issue, firefox is slow as hell ( not loading pages but switching tabs, opening tabs ), only thing I hav extra on it atm is a persona theme, but no other plugins only the ubuntu plugin :S
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