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Thread: USB devices won't automount in 10.04 Lucid

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    Re: USB devices won't automount in 10.04 Lucid

    To access the camera via USB, it is possible to install 8.04 on a small partition, boot to that, download the pictures there, boot to the main partition with 10.04, mount the 8.04 partition, and copy the pictures to the main partition.

    The only caveat is 8.04 uses grub version 1, so the newly installed grub 1 in an 8.04 install cannot recognize the grub 2 install in main installation. So after installing 8.04, you need to boot from the 10.04 CD, and reinstall grub2. Instructions are here:

    See item 13, about half way down, "Reinstalling GRUB 2 from LiveCD".

    Works for me.

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    Re: USB devices won't automount in 10.04 Lucid


    blacklist floppy


    Adding your external drive to fstab works but not nearly as well.

    Still no UUID /shrug

    Thank you.
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    Re: USB devices won't automount in 10.04 Lucid

    Hi, I see this wasn't yet mentioned, but it fixed my problem, where thunar crasher in xubuntu if usb is not mounted, but is clicked in thunar.
    Also repaired automount problem.

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    Re: USB devices won't automount in 10.04 Lucid

    profdreamer the one real solution, the right way

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    Question Re: USB devices won't automount in 10.04 Lucid

    This thread seems to have two objects that are very different. USB drives and USB cameras (which was the original question). Many solutions to the mounting of drives have been posted. None to the mounting of cameras.

    I have a camera that has an onboard micro-SD card. It mounts as a drive, no problem. Unmounting the drive leaves a device listed in dmesg, but no camera.

    I have had this camera mount properly under 12.04 and it works as expected under Windows XP, so I know the device is ok and drivers exist for it, but a fix under 10.04 does not exist.

    Upgrading to 12.04 is not helpful. I'm on a netbook, and Unity fits in a netbook like a whale in a goldfish bowl.

    Can someone guide me through what is supposed to happen when a camera is attached and help me get this to mount correctly?


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