Hi all,
This morning when I opened Evolution, It asked me
for a password. It didn't like my login pass. It
wanted an old password I used to use.

When I click on Evolution I get
Enter password to unlock your login keyring
The password you use to log in to your computer
no longer matches that of your login keyring.

When I click on System > Preferences > Encryption
and Keyrings, I get
Could not launch 'Encryption and Keyrings'
Failed to execute child process "seahorse-
preferences" (No such file or directory)

When I click on System > Preferences > Passwords and
Encryption Keys, I get two lines about desktop couch
user authentication, but I can't change anything there.

I can go to System > Preferences > About me and change
my login password, but it no longer syncs to my other
applications which require authentication. Even when I
restore my old password for login, Evolution does not
recognize it.

I upgraded to 10.04 on Thursday. Everything was fine
until today. I did a backup, but don't know what to

Does anyone know how to handle this?