Well Elvira Martinez wrote about the presence of the Ubuntu Honduras Team at the First Symposium of Technological Advances

We keep going, today Luis and I (tatica1) had the First Symposium of Technological Advances at the University of San Pedro Sula where we shared a good time with the students of the Instituto Técnico de San Pedro Sula.We exposed some topics to explain them about Linux, Free Software, Richard Stallman and his GNU project, Linus Torvalds and Linux, different distributions on Linux and and its advantages, Free Software in public administrations and Ubuntu.

The students were quite interested and asked questions to win an Ubuntu CD like if Ubuntu recognizes different types of hardware or drivers must be installed separately, the difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu, what does Ubuntu mean, if it is compatible with other operating systems, if they could run games and what kind, how can be installed Repositories.

Ubuntu Honduras Team appreciate the invitation of the University and thank the participation of the students.

Pictures here