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Thread: Lucid cups pdf error

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    Smile Re: Lucid cups pdf error

    I had this same problem and keinea's solution worked for me. For some reason, it appears that cups-pdf was not installed during my inplace upgrade to Lucid.

    Quote Originally Posted by keinea View Post
    I had the same issue after upgrading from Hardy to Lucid and used aptitude to purge and reinstall cups-pdf.

    Just have to remember to go into System --> Administration --> Printing (configure printing), and right-click on the PDF printer to ENABLE it after the re-installation.

    Refer to:

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    Re: Lucid cups pdf error

    I had the same problem printing a page with the CUPS PDF virtual printer: "not execute the backend"

    I solved the problem running the this command:
    #sudo chmod 700 /usr/lib/cups/backend/cups-pdf

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    Re: Lucid cups pdf error

    I nedded to reinstall, because it wasn't there after the upgrade to 11.10

    Then had to run /usr/sbin/cupsenable PDF

    Not I could print to PDF again.

    ( with the system tools menu, icould not fix this )

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