There has been a kernel update today, so there's a new version of the driver. It's linked in the first post, just install the new kernel driver for 2.6.32-22 after you have done the update (you don't have to uninstall the old driver, you also don't have to reinstall the calibrator, just download the new kernel driver and install it).

@mrspacklecrisp: I appreciate your excitement And don't worry, you haven't been as annoying as you think. I also noticed the bug in MyPaint and tried to work around it in the driver without luck. Can you give me a link to the corresponding bug report? If there is already a patch, maybe I can create a package with the new version.

@dusjagr: Good to know! I'm working on a small daemon that will allow things like two-finger right click, two finger scrolling, two finger zooming and two finger rotation in many applications without having to change them, but it's far from finished, so in the meantime, your workaround is quite nice.