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Thread: MPD, Icecast, & Streamfurious on Android Phone

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    MPD, Icecast, & Streamfurious on Android Phone

    Hey all,

    I've been trying to set up MPD & Icecast to stream my music to my HTC Incredible. I have it set up now to the point that I can open my stream on my laptop through VLC. I can also open my icecast server on my phone's web browser, however, when I try to open up the stream in StreamFurious it seems to download, but then upon finishing says something to the effect of "Broken Pipe - Stopped" anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: MPD, Icecast, & Streamfurious on Android Phone


    Can you post your mpd/icecast configuration ?

    In my configuration, I only use mpd with the lame plugin installed in order to output an mp3 stream. Version 0.15 an up of mpd provide build-in http streaming.

    Also, you could try another application to listen to your stream. I use xiia live (droid live) free, available in the market.
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    Cool Re: MPD, Icecast, & Streamfurious on Android Phone

    I updated to Froyo 2.2 and streamfurious hasn't worked since. The 1.0.8 update of streamfurious claims Froyo support...

    Now, It's most of DI.FM's streams, authenticated or not, that give me a broken pipe message. sometimes the 256k mp3 stream works, like t-mobile can sustain that... I want to use the 32/64k AAC stream, but, streamfurious pro gives me the same error. well, no error, it buffers, then stops.

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    Re: MPD, Icecast, & Streamfurious on Android Phone

    And old post but i'm looking the same thing and i can solve using Xiialive 2.2.2 (only this version) becouse old ones ca't manage ogg.

    I hope you can solve your problem.


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