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Thread: install temp and home on same partition

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    install temp and home on same partition

    I am going to be installing 10.04, and would like to have a 10 gig partition for system files, and a large one for home.

    the problem I had last time i did this was that when I recorded audio tapes, the temp directory was on the system partition, so it would only record for half an hour before the space ran out.

    I see that temp can be on its own partition, but I dont want to do that- how do I share the large home partition with temp

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    Re: install temp and home on same partition

    You could forgo having a separate home partition and just have everything except for swap on a single partition. However, I don't recommend doing that. The benefits of having a separate home partition far outweigh any perceived costs.

    I've had similar issues when authoring DVD's -- the programs typically default to using /tmp for writing some very large, but temporary, files. Fortunately, most programs allow the user to change this. I have created a directory in my home directory for just this purpose (/home/hotshotdj/tmp) and then I set this as the temporary directory for my projects.
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