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Thread: uninstalling possible important things

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    uninstalling possible important things

    Hey all,

    just installed lucid lynx, and so far so good (you have to admit it looks really good )
    Now, since I using a eee 901 (as in I have 4gb of space) I would like to remove a few programs which I don't use.
    The problem is, it seems like these are really neatly integrated in ubuntu, so I was hoping if someone could tell me whether it is a good idea/bad idea/idea with potential, but thread carefully/...

    so the things I want to purge (for now):
    - tomboy
    - all games
    - evolution
    - fspot
    - open office drawing
    - simplescan
    - gwibber
    - evolution
    - movie player
    - ubuntu one

    So that's it for now, if anyone would know, it would be greatly appreciated (don't want to screw it up before I have got the chance to take it for a spin)

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    Re: uninstalling possible important things

    Quote Originally Posted by supermooshman View Post
    so the things I want to purge (for now):
    - tomboy              # Can be purged
    - all games           # Don't know what "all" includes
    - evolution           # yes BUT DO NOT REMOVE evolution-data-server-common
    - fspot               # f-spot can be removed
    - open office drawing # will also remove
    - simplescan          # I don't have anything by that name
    - gwibber             # it's not installed on mine but I don't see anything to prevent removing it safely
    - evolution           # see the first evolution
    - movie player        # totem can be removed
    - ubuntu one          # Appears to be safe to remove
    See notes by apps. in quote
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    Re: uninstalling possible important things

    Simple scan is in applications> graphics.

    Not sure about the dependencies, though.

    4 Gigs is more than enough to run smoothly, with a lot of extra programs installed.
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