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Thread: window control buttons now on left!????!

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    Re: window control buttons now on left!????!

    I upgraded through the Update Manager, and my buttons stayed on the right! I was all set beforehand to go directly into gconf and edit them back to where they should be, but was pleasantly surprised when I didn't have to!

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    Re: window control buttons now on left!????!

    Quote Originally Posted by mf205 View Post
    I tried the gconf fix, and it doesn't quite do it for me. (I haven't tried the other two fixes yet.) The problem is this: although the buttons look the same as before and function as they should, if you move have a maximised window and move the mouse pointer to the top right corner of the screen, it's not over the close button - you have to move down a pixel or two to get over the button.

    You might think this is picky, but it's miles easier to move the pointer to the corner of the screen quickly than to move it just shy of the corner.

    Any ideas?
    The buttons are where they are. In the default theme they do not extend out to the corner. So clicking the corner should not close the window since that would be outside the button.

    If you want to click the very corner to close windows the easiest way is to choose a theme that is designed to work that way. The "New Wave" theme seems to have a close button that goes all the way to the corner.

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    Re: window control buttons now on left!????!

    I too found this unsettling, until I thought about it.

    Years ago considerable research was conducted to study how people see and interact with GUI applications. There are some cultural differences, but the overwhelming majority of those of us who read left-to-right instinctively want those buttons on the left, that's where we look for things first, especially children.

    As I recall, buttons on the right have always seemed foreign to me. My eyes have to move a long way to find them usually.

    But I'm used to it. I think I'll give the other way a try for a while and see if I can adjust.
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    Re: window control buttons now on left!????!

    Quote Originally Posted by alvevind View Post
    Another easy way to restore the window button position is to install the right aligned theme:

    Step-by-step procedure:
    1. Download the modified theme
    2. Open the menu "System" > "Preferences" > "Appearance"
    3. Click the button "Install"
    4. Open the folder "Downloads"
    5. Select the file "Ambience_Radiance-Right.tar.gz"
    6. Click "Open"
    7. Select the new theme "Ambiance-right"

    You then have both the standard unmodified left-aligned theme and the right-aligned theme available and can easily switch back and forth between them with a single click, without adjusting the button position every time.
    Great solution for me, thank you ^^

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    Re: window control buttons now on left!????!

    Quote Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
    No, I'm sorry... the obsession with Mac at the global GNOME evil genius laboratories is out of control. Here's a simple tutorial on moving them back via gconf-editor.
    I actually like the switch and i think people should at least give the new buttons a chance before auto switching them back. I think the new buttons show that Ubuntu is an OS open to change .
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    Re: window control buttons now on left!????!

    Does anyone know whether the script mentioned in the beginning works on ver 10.10 as well?

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