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Thread: How to enable Fn keys on Eee PC 1005HA and 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

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    Re: How to enable Fn keys on Eee PC 1005HA and 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

    The issue is explained pretty well in the bug report (bug #505452:
    Basically the eeePC bios is programmed to determine the operating system being used at boot - and adding this line lets it know.
    As a bonus fix, they explain how to keep notifications working for the brightness hotkeys - see post #44.

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    Re: How to enable Fn keys on Eee PC 1005HA and 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

    Thank you kevinp93. your instructions it worked great for me excepet for the Fn space!
    Have you got any idea how to fix this and/or where do I change the clock speed on a eeepc 1005 with Ubuntu NBR installed?

    thank you

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    Re: How to enable Fn keys on Eee PC 1005HA and 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

    Thank you, kevinp93!

    The solution also works on 1000HE.

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    Re: How to enable Fn keys on Eee PC 1005HA and 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

    This solution works on my 1000HE, I get the fn keys working, but there's a strange side-effect:

    when a sound occurs (like a telepathy contact online notification), the computer screen dims and the battery is activated (just for a brief moment). If, for instance, I remove the battery and a sound starts, the computer shuts down immediately (due to the lack of power).

    In order to stop this odd behavior, I just have to remove the acpi_osi=Linux and things go back to normal... but I have no fn keys.

    Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

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    Re: How to enable Fn keys on Eee PC 1005HA and 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

    I haven't done any of the fixes suggested but after a recent kernel update my volume keys are now working as well as brightness/suspend/wifi on-off.
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    Re: How to enable Fn keys on Eee PC 1005HA and 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

    Quote Originally Posted by barrieluv View Post
    I haven't done any of the fixes suggested but after a recent kernel update my volume keys are now working as well as brightness/suspend/wifi on-off.

    With the latest kernel on mine, some fn keys work, some do not (volume keys, for instance).
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    Re: How to enable Fn keys on Eee PC 1005HA and 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

    got eeebuntu 3.0 live cd and i noticed that all function keys were working so i copied the eeepc-acpi.local from the live cd and used that on my 1005ha running nbr 10.04 and now all Fn keys work!!

    # Configuration file for EeePC ACPI utilities
    # Andrew Wyatt
    # Generic ACPI utilities for the EeePC line of netbooks.

    # NOTE: Copy this file to eeepc-acpi.local and edit the copy,
    # this will save your settings between upgrades.
    # If you choose to edit this file instead when you upgrade, it will
    # be automatically copied to eeepc-acpi.local and overwritten.
    # When editing the .local version, be sure to clear out keys that you don't
    # need rather than commenting. This will prevent conflicts.
    # Example: If you are disabling WIFI and using FN-F2 for Bluetooth, add the
    # following without the #s:
    # KEY_WIFI=""
    # KEY_BT="00000010"
    # This will remove the default configuration from KEY_WIFI and assign that key
    # to KEY_BT.

    # This is the path to the ACPI utilities.


    # If you are using a WIFI driver that is non-standard for the Eee, or otherwise
    # detected incorrectly, set it here.
    # Example: WIFI_DRIVER="ndiswrapper" or WIFI_DRIVER="ath5k"
    # WIFI_DRIVER=""

    # Eee PC function keys; If a key doesn't do its intended function, uncomment
    # KEY_SHOW, save, then press that key to get its ID. Replace the key ID with
    # the ID shown on your screen, and then re-comment KEY_SHOW.
    # Example:
    # if KEY_VGAOFF is 00000016, but using KEY_SHOW you see that it is really 00000017 then
    # set KEY_VGAOFF to "00000017".

    # KEY_SHOW="1"

    # To disable an option, put a # in front of it, and to enable an option, remove the #.
    # Be cautious not to hook two functions to one key, or weird things could happen
    # (Touchpad disable could also open firefox if both are enabled, and vice versa)

    # This is the trigger key to turn the active display on and off.

    # This is the trigger key to enable or cycle through connected displays.

    # This is the trigger key to start Performance Monitor
    KEY_PERFMON_NAME="System Monitor"

    # This is the trigger key to toggle WIFI on and off.

    # These trigger keys toggle volume up and down and mute.

    # This is the trigger key to toggle the touchpad on and off.

    # This is the trigger key to cycle through available resolutions.

    # This is the trigger key to toggle USB power on and off.
    # KEY_USB="0000001c"

    # This is the trigger key to toggle Bluetooth off and on.

    # This is the trigger key to toggle Webcam off and on.

    # This is the trigger key to cycle through screen rotation.
    # KEY_ROTATE="0000001c"

    # This is the trigger key to cycle through CPU states (Performance, Ondemand, and Powersave)
    # KEY_FSB="0000001d"

    # To enable custom commands, comment out the keys above that match the trigger key
    # Ex: 0000001a matches the Touchpad toggle and Firefox.
    # Next uncomment the custom key you would like enabled, and all of the associated options.
    # The format of the custom keys are as follows:
    # KEY_CUSTOM is the trigger key.
    # ""_COMMAND is the program to execute.
    # ""_NAME is the display name to show in the notification.
    # ""_ICON is the icon to display in the notification.

    # KEY_CUSTOMA="0000001a"
    # KEY_CUSTOMA_COMMAND="/usr/bin/firefox"
    # KEY_CUSTOMA_NAME="Firefox"
    # KEY_CUSTOMA_ICON="firefox-3.0"

    # KEY_CUSTOMB="0000001b"
    # KEY_CUSTOMB_COMMAND="/usr/bin/pidgin"
    # KEY_CUSTOMB_NAME="Pidgin"
    # KEY_CUSTOMB_ICON="pidgin"

    # KEY_CUSTOMC="0000001c"
    # KEY_CUSTOMC_COMMAND="/usr/bin/gcalctool"
    # KEY_CUSTOMC_NAME="Calculator"
    # KEY_CUSTOMC_ICON="accessories-calculator"

    # KEY_CUSTOMD="0000001d"
    # KEY_CUSTOMD_COMMAND="/usr/bin/evolution --component=mail"
    # KEY_CUSTOMD_NAME="Evolution"
    # KEY_CUSTOMD_ICON="evolution"

    # Disable touchpad when typing
    # The TOUCHPAD_KEY_DISABLE option enables / disable stopping the touchpad while typing (1=on and 0=off)

    # TOUCHPAD_DELAY is the delay in seconds before re-enabling the touchpad after typing

    # Volume control
    # Options:
    # Set to "AUTO" and the tool will adjust all playback devices.
    # Set to "FAKE" to the tool will send ACPI fake keypresses to adjust volume and display desktop OSD
    # Set to "LineOut" or your specific device for fine control.
    # Change increment of volume increase / decrease by adjusting VOL_ADJ (Default "2dB")


    # Settings for CPU on Battery vs AC. These are triggers initiated by plug and unplug events.
    # There is normally no need to change them unless your Eee PC is not changing power options
    # when plugged in and then unplugged.


    # Mode settings for Eee PC when plugged in or on battery.
    # MODE_AC = Plugged in
    # MODE_BAT = Unplugged


    # Enable following to implement all of the powersave controls with one exception. It will
    # use the "ondemand" scaler rather than "powersave" which will increase performance of your
    # Eee at the cost of some battery life.
    # If you aren't taxing the CPU the power savings difference is minimal. This will however let
    # you watch a movie in Power Saver mode.

    # Stop these services if running when going to ondemand or powersave modes. Start them if
    # they aren't running when entering performance mode.
    # Comment with a # to disable this feature, add or remove services at will, just keep a space
    # between them.
    # Check to make sure you are already running some of these before blanket enabling because
    # it doesn't check the runlevel, it just starts and stops them.

    # PAUSE_SERVICES="anacron crond atd sshd"

    # The following option will turn off power to all USB devices that support suspending power.
    # This doesn't seem to work for USB connected lights. Use with caution, it does a sync
    # before powering off but if you have drives mounted they will not be cleanly unmounted!
    # If you are booting from a USB device such as your card reader, or thumb drive, this will
    # probably crash your computer.
    # Set to 1 to enable and 0 to disable

    # Set these to override assumed states, useful to force overclocking of FSB or to support devices
    # not properly detected. If you experience lockups, etc; boot single and look at /proc/eee/fsb to get
    # new default settings.
    # The Eee PC FSB format is typically "100 24 1" or "30 15 1". These break down to the following:
    # FSB: 100
    # MULTIPLIER: 24
    # Voltage is managed automatically and is not yet a parameter. If you are using a system that supports
    # an FSB overclock of 110, but this tool defaults you to 100 then change OVERRIDE_FSB to "110".


    # This option will allow you to apply a custom scale. Only use this option if instructed by the maintainer.
    # FSB_SCALE=""
    # This option will eliminate FSB scaling; for example it will allow shifting from performance to ondemand
    # but it will not alter the FSB settings. If this is enabled, all FSB changes are ignored including overrides.


    # Set this to "managed" or "auto". When set to "managed" the utilities provided in this package will manage
    # your fan for you and you will be able to set thresholds by altering the TEMP values below. When set to
    # "auto" the fan will be managed by your BIOS.

    # Eee PC temperature control settings (only applies if fan is managed). These values are in Celcius, and when
    # the temperature rises above the defined value, the fan management utility will increase fan speed until the
    # temperature is reduced back below the threshold.


    # The following parameters define what to restore on startup. When changing state 1=on and 0=off.
    # When you boot your machine and log in, anything set to 1 will restore setting back to previously set
    # value, otherwise previous settings will be ignored.

    # Restore USB state (powered on or off)
    # BOOT_USB=1

    # Restore Bluetooth

    # Restore Camera

    # Number of seconds to delay before changing CPU speed. This allows the system more time to complete startup
    # before switching to a slower mode.

    # Set screen resolution on startup

    # Restore LVDS panel on / off

    # Restore Screen Rotation

    # Restore touchpad

    # Restore external monitor

    # Restore WIFI

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    Re: How to enable Fn keys on Eee PC 1005HA and 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

    i know this if prob not the right place but i'm a total noob and need major help with my sony vgn-fs980. i installed ubuntu 10.04 and everything seems to work except of course the fn key. i found another thread which provided a like to install a fsfn .deb package but its not working for me and no one has replay from that thread so was wondering if anyone can be so kind to lend me a hand please. thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to enable Fn keys on Eee PC 1005HA and 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

    Worked on 1005HAB as well, thanks! BTW, does anyone know of a BIOS setting that could take care of this instead?

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    Re: How to enable Fn keys on Eee PC 1005HA and 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

    Hi, grub entry worked for me.
    With great expectations I tried and found it extremely disappointing on my 1001ha.(plus they are currently running part their own version and part standard Debian repositories (it will break)

    But it did offer jupiter which works nicely on lucid if you install the deb and eeepc deb from sourceforge

    function space bar changes power mode

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