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Thread: Dual Monitor Woes--Dragging, Non-Mirrored Desktops, and More!

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    Angry Dual Monitor Woes--Dragging, Non-Mirrored Desktops, and More!

    Just installed 10.4 fresh after a 1-year absence from Ubuntu, mostly driven by sound card and video card problems. In the year since, it seems that driver support for my cards has increased exponentially, but I am still having trouble figuring some stuff out.

    I have an ATI Radeon 4870 and am running Ubuntu in 64-bit mode on an AMD Quad Core (Phenom II X4 Deneb) and installed the proprietary ATI drivers fairly well right away. The old dual monitor threads are all 2-3 years old at this point, so I was wary of mucking about with XORG.conf just yet. . . when I saw the ATI catalyst sitting in my System menu! Whoa! Now that's an improvement!

    I've now got dual desktops--if I open an application on one, it only shows on the taskbar for that monitor, but both monitors have working taskbars and topbars and all that jazz. . . BUT I can't drag objects between them.

    Now, if I enable Xinerama, I *can* drag things between monitors. . . but I lose my taskbars on the second monitor and my mouse gets very funny when I bring it to the edge of the screen. . . but the ATI Display Manager doesn't work there, so of course I can't really do anything to fix that.

    Is there a way to run two monitors with working, but separate, taskbars, along with window-dragging, on Ubuntu 10.4? If it does take digging my hands into XORG.conf, I'll do it, and hopefully my memories of Terminal skills from last year will hold up to the task

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    Re: Dual Monitor Woes--Dragging, Non-Mirrored Desktops, and More!

    Did you figure it out?

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