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Thread: Pan5 reads CDs, but not DVDs

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    Re: Pan5 reads CDs, but not DVDs

    Huh... Here's the fascinating part. It acknowledges blank DVDs. After that I popped in the movie I watched before and it acknowledges that. I thought it might be that it just doesn't like OSs, so I tried a data DVD I burned a long time ago, but that wasn't acknowledged. The data was burned by a different computer, so I know it's not just that it doesn't like the DVDs that it itself creates.

    So... I guess I need to ask: What's the difference between a blank or commercial movie DVD and a burned data or ISO DVD?

    EDIT: sorry I realized I didn't answer you question. Yes it can still burn DVDs
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    Re: Pan5 reads CDs, but not DVDs

    If you can burn *data* to a DVD, but then you can't read it, you have a bad DVD drive. Please contact me at for a resolution.
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