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Thread: Will Not Boot, Blank Screen, No Grub

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    Will Not Boot, Blank Screen, No Grub

    I have multiple HDDs in my box, one of which being a Win7 install. After installing 64bit version on to my old 9.10 drive (full wipe of drive) and it says everything went well. Afterward though when I rebooted it just hangs at a blank screen. I thought maybe it just didnt load the boot images so I let it sit for up to 40 minutes and realized it should have at least given me an option of which OS to load by now.

    After reading a little on the forums, I booted in my live-cd and tried "sudo update-grub" which gave me the following error
    /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).
    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Will Not Boot, Blank Screen, No Grub

    if you can open a terminal (alt+f2):
    sudo grub-mkconfig && update-grub

    hope you have installed grub2 onto the lucid partition, not over windows mbr.

    have you grub1 (grub-legacy) still installed ? if so, need remove/purge it, only grub-pc and grub-common have to be installed


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