hi, I love this place and very appreciate your professionals who help me in time, I have already developed a website, which doing a volunteer work of introducing Ubuntu to Asian country. Now, I want to put this website at my home laptop(intel centrino CPU) plus Ubuntu server 9.10, many professionals already help set up everything, very appreciate, but I have another laptop, and I want to put my website on this second laptop too, I know how to do. The question is that I want this second laptop copy entire hard driver of the first laptop hourly or daily, so I will let those Ubuntu fans continuing to access my website once the first laptop server have broken done. Because my website includes MySQL datebase function, and also those Asian Ubuntu fans have their personal website on my Ubuntu server under my website domain name, so too much things, I think that it is too hard for me to copy everything from my first laptop to another.

so any professionals know how to let my second laptop makes twinning baby(copy entire hard driver data) automatically hourly or daily.

best thanks and regards,