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Thread: Ubuntu-friendly i5 notebooks?

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    Ubuntu-friendly i5 notebooks?

    Hi folks,

    I need a new laptop and I'm struggling to find anything that fits the bill. Really struggling. Ideally 15", core i5 (i3 or i7 at a push), at least 4GB RAM. Apart from that, primary concern is battery life & Ubuntu compatibility. Anyone found anything in the new core i3/i5/i7 range that they really like?

    Literally spent a full day googling & couldn't find anything that jumped out at me. Current leader is a Macbook Pro which seems pretty decadent considering I won't be running OSX. Ideally $750-$1350 budget.

    Any suggestions much appreciated

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    Re: Ubuntu-friendly i5 notebooks?

    Sounds like this would fit the bill.
    I am very happy with my netbook from this company.

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    Lightbulb Re: Ubuntu-friendly i5 notebooks?

    IMHO these models of laptops is quite new and some of the hardware could not supported by the latest Ubuntu...

    I have bought Asus K52Jr Intel i5 laptop, and my problems are:
    1. Upside-down web camera view
    2. When I plug in headphones external speakers still playing sound
    3. Battery life is quite shorter than in Win 7(~3,5 hours) In ubuntu (~2 hours)
    4. Suspend hangs up the laptop...

    These are the most annoying
    Everything else is perfect...

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