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Thread: wicd - no networks at all

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    wicd - no networks at all

    I installed wicd today over network-manager. As the title suggests, wicd can't detect any networks. I checked ifconfig, made sure wlan0 was up, clicked refresh several times, etc.

    Nothing seems to work to get wicd to pick up on a wireless network.

    It's not a big deal for now, since I switched back to NetworkManager, but I'm planning on trying out the LXDE with Ubuntu 10.04 when it comes out, and I know LXDE uses wicd, so I'm wondering if I can get this issues resolved on my side before I try Lubuntu.

    EDIT: Almost forgot about my wireless card info:

    Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG
    description: Wireless interface
                    product: PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection
                    vendor: Intel Corporation
                    physical id: 0
                    bus info: pci@0000:08:00.0
                    logical name: wmaster0
                    version: 02
                    serial: 00:1f:3c:0e:6a:41
                    width: 32 bits
                    clock: 33MHz
                    capabilities: pm msi pciexpress bus_master cap_list logical ethernet physical wireless
                    configuration: broadcast=yes driver=iwl3945 ip= latency=0 multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11abg
                    resources: irq:33 memory:c0100000-c0100fff
    Ubuntu Karmic 9.10

    EDIT: NetworkManager works fine in Lubuntu Lucid.
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