Hey, I thought i would share an easy way to launch your programs that you have installed with Wine (not xwine because guis are for suckers )

But Here Ill Set you through the process.. .its rather short so try to keep attention focused lol.

In this HowTo, im going to use the Program i reciently installed, Photoshop

First Step.
Open Applications Menu Editor
Applications > System Tools > Application Menu Editor

Second Step.
Click The New Menu Button.

Fill Out Wine Apps (or whatever you want) for the name. and hit enter. You can Add an Icon if you wish, i prefer to keep mine default for now.

Third Step.
Click On The New Menu Item You Just Created. Now Click The Button That Says New Entry.

Fill Out the Form the way you like.
as for the command. youll want to enter:
wine /home/{user}/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/{path to your program.exe}

Choose an Icon If You Wish, again i didnt due to preference. And lastly you want to click the 'run in terminal' button.

Close The Menu Editor And Voila! You Now have a quick and easy way to launch your favorite windoz programs ^_^. I think this is a good howto.. considering if its one youll use alot... doing this will save you quite some time in the end..