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Thread: Configuring Xorg for dual screen, single wacom

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    Re: Configuring Xorg for dual screen, single wacom

    Habilain, thank you so much for this equation!

    I used to use TwinView with my 2 monitors, but recently switched to an ATI card, and it was hell trying to figure out how to do this without TwinView. (I remember having lots of difficulty WITH TwinView too, actually.)

    All I needed was how to figure out the number to set BottomX at, and by trail-and-error I got pretty close. But your solution there got me exactly to where I want to go, and now I've got my Wacom working properly on my non-nVidia dual monitor setup.

    Major kudos to you!

    Quote Originally Posted by habilain View Post
    Wacom tablets used to be configured via HAL FDI files, but since Lucid dropped HAL I'm not entirely sure how to set it up properly. I can provide a hacky method which lets you set up the Wacom tablet for the screen with the top left of the tablet in though, if you're using the default XOrg config. Because I'm using a Bamboo1, that's what's in my commands. You can find the appropriate string to put in by running
    xsetwacom --list -v
    And look for the device which contains the STYLUS.

    Run the following:
    xsetwacom --get "Wacom Bamboo1" BottomX
    This gives you the X resolution of your tablet. I'll call this TX. Next you need the resolution of the virtual screen, which can be found by
    xsetwacom --get "Wacom Bamboo1" SBottomX0
    I'll call this WX. Finally, let's call the actual X resolution of your primary screen SX.

    The hacky method is to set the X resolution of your tablet to be bigger than it actually is. This effectively causes the driver to map an out-of-bounds area to your second screen. The value you should set it to, AX is TX * (WX / SX). You might like to set it a little less than that to stop the cursor jumping to the first pixel on the second screen, but that's preference. Anyway, once you've got AX, set it with:
    xsetwacom --set "Wacom Bamboo1" BottomX AX
    And repeat for the Y coordinates if necessary. The set commands will have to be run whenever you start using the tablet, so you might want to put them in a script. In theory it can be automated via a devicekit rule, but I've not yet got around to doing so.

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    Re: Configuring Xorg for dual screen, single wacom

    Hey guys,

    I know this thread is a little old, but...

    I'm pretty new to Ubunutu and Linux, and was struggling with these screen mapping issues as well. Thanks to the posts here, I was able to get my tablet mappings the way I wanted, but I needed a faster way to switch these around, so I wrote a little Python program to do it for me.

    so I just put in at ~/bin/
    I have the following in my ~/.bash_profile:
    then I need to make sure it's executable:
    chmod ugo+x
    now I can do this to toggle and maintain square proportions:
    Code: -p
    So now my main there a way to map these commands to the buttons on the device itself?

    Unforunately, I have to modify the values in the script for the monitor sizes and the wacom tablet sizes by hand, so some secondary questions to make the script more automagic:

    - Is there a command to query the default BottomX size, even after it's been set?
    - Is there a way to query monitor sizes?

    If anyone has suggestions for the script feel free to share!
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    Re: Configuring Xorg for dual screen, single wacom

    Quote Originally Posted by Don_Dragon View Post
    but not one to be satisfied with fine, I'm going to try and write a script that toggles between single and dual screen mode, and perhaps link it to a button on my tablet, allowing me to switch modes.
    If you are still following this post you might be interested in "switchconf" from the repositories.
    It allows you to switch between system configuration sets.

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    Re: Configuring Xorg for dual screen, single wacom

    Hi jspatrick,

    For bottomX use:
    xsetwacom get stylus BottomX
    Using whatever "Device name" or ID # 'xinput --list' gives you for stylus. From:

    I don't know about monitor sizes, I don't think xsetwacom does that. Maybe xrander?
    xrandr -q --verbose | grep Screen
    You should be able to bind the script to a pad button like I do in post #384 for the Bamboo P&T.

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    Re: Configuring Xorg for dual screen, single wacom

    My scenerio:
    0 - laptop display 1280x800px (left of)
    1 - external LCD 1920x1200px
    RandR virtual resolution - 3200x1200px
    Tablet - Wacom Graphire4 4x5 (with resolution 10280x7424)
    Inspired by habilain's post tried his solution - it works well, but I wanted something different.
    I wanted to restrict Wacom Tablet to the external display. I managed to accomplish that.

    First of all:
     xsetwacom set "NameOfTablet" TopX XX
    takes negative values!

    The equation for getting TopX parameter would be:
    TopX = TX - (TX*(WX/RX)
    TX = Wacom horizontal resolution
    WX = Virtual Randr horizontal resolution
    RX = Physical right display resolution
    in my case:
    TopX = 10280 - (10280*(3200/1920) = -6853
    xsetwacom set "Wacom Graphire4 4x5" TopX -6853
    I needed also to fix a bit BottomX value by hand (it shouldn't happen but it did)

    One more thing in Ubuntu/Kubuntu 10.04 settings which normally would go into xorg.conf should go:

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