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Thread: Ubuntu Honduras Team keep seeding Freedom

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    Ubuntu Honduras Team keep seeding Freedom

    Hi everyone! Here I am again writing about another extraordinary event that we had yesterday at the FLISOL 2010 in San Pedro Sula Honduras.

    We started at 9:00 a.m. with a full living room of the auditorium of UNITEC University, I think we had around 400 visitors by the end of the day at 4:00 p.m.

    We had a lot of activity all day around the workshops that were always full of students, teachers and professionals interested in the different topics.

    During the day we introduced people to Free Software talking about:

    1. What’s FLISOL (Free Software Installation Latinamerican Festival), What’s Free Software and Ubuntu Honduras, what it is? Do you want to join us? by Diego Turcios.

    2. Four freedoms of Free Software and Free Software in public administrations by Elvira Martínez.

    3. Free Office Packages, Upgrading the operating system without Internet and Using Inkscape for vectorial design, Applications Using Gimp Digital Retouching by Alex Hernandez.

    4. What is Ubuntu Linux by Luis Araya.

    5. Installation of a web server under Ubuntu, Ubuntu Linux in Education, Edubuntu adjunct to our operating system, Video Games GNU / Linux, Ethics and Free Software and the last but not less important Tribox on CentOS.

    I really want to thank everyone, specially Lic. Mirtha Coto, UNITEC Students in general that supported us, the whole Ubuntu team of Honduras and of course the attendees in general.

    I invite you to check some pictures of the event here

    I want to share my friend Alex Hernandez's blog in spanish.
    Go Ubuntu Honduras Go!!!
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